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Hope is irrational.

Many of us live our lives in hope of something.

Hoping to get that new job.

Hoping that our children are safe.

Hoping that we win the lottery.

But no matter how irrational hope is, we cling to it. We cling to it because sometimes, it’s the only thing we have left.

I am a practical person. And for the past twenty years, the political climate in the United States has left me rational and hopeless. Election after election, where even the shining aspirations of Black people, who sacrificed their livelihoods and their lives don’t seem to…

Nothing but a flag and overgrown grass to remember us once we’re gone. @abbyabby Unsplash

I’m going to reach back to an article I wrote back in February of 2018, entitled, “Our Government Does Not Want Us To Survive.” It was all about the NRA and how they dictate guns laws in this country, and how complicit our governing body is in the death of 1000's of men women and children at the hands of gun violence. I get into some other issues to but the title frames it perfectly.

In comparison to other articles, this one didn’t do well. Hell, you can’t knock it out of the park every time.

Or maybe people thought…

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A true case of art imitates life or reality is truer than fiction. Go with whatever adage tickles your fancy.

Movie: Shark kills girl, who decides to go swimming alone, at night, into deep water (Granted, it isn’t smart, but I’m sure it happens every day).

Reality: Virus kills people (‘Nuff said).

Movie: Mayor doesn’t care. The Mayor of Amityville didn’t give a rat’s ass who got eaten by the great white as long as the beaches were open for Fourth of July.

Reality: President doesn’t care. The Asshole-in-Chief could give two shits about people dying of Covid-19 in this…

There is a lot going on in the United States.

There is Trump as always, being the bigoted, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, unintelligent, narcissistic dick that he is.

There is the Republican Party, who are greedy, corporatist, xenophobic, conservative capitalists, who have been allowed to run amok.

There is the Democratic Party, who are greedy, corporatist, xenophobic, conservative capitalists, who feign progressive humanism.

There are the militarized police, who are deputized thugs. The only true thugs in this country.

Institutional racism. That’s a whole other post.

Karens. Beckys. That’s a whole other post, as well.

Back in 2002, a song came out called “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” by recording artist, Amerie. If you’re a fan of late 90s R&B, then you’ll absolutely love this song. It’s too short, but her vocals are flawless, and the song reminds me of the feeling you have when you are in the midst of falling love, when you’re you young. When you’re filled with butterflies and talking on the phone into the wee hours of the night. She conveys the emotions so well. For me, it feels so raw. It’s a feel good song. …

I just watched the video of a police officer murdering a subdued, handcuffed, unarmed black man. Again.

When Fox News and the xenophobic new sources get a hold of this; they will look into the dead man’s background. Go over what he has been arrested for or convicted of in the past. They bring up what brought the police to the scene in the first place and use all this information as a reasoning for why this man deserved to die.

I am going to post a link to the TYT report on this and want you to watch…

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Our country is sick. And maybe it isn’t just our country, maybe this is a global phenomenon. This country values what is popular over what is necessary. Even though the internet is probably one of the most astounding technological advancements of this generation and the last, the sad truth is that all advancements have a downside. The downside to the internet is social media. The drive for likes, follows, hearts, and thumbs up, have turned day to day life into one long endless episode of didn’t-high-school-suck.

It’s one huge popularity contest. If Donald Trump was just some asshole who owned…

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It’s been well-established that the differences between republicans and democrats are non-existent. So I don’t need to go into a tirade about that. But here is the larger question; one that I have discussed with my partner and a few co-workers. What is the greater evil, racism or apathy? Or maybe indifference should be used in the place of apathy.


I hope so. Let me break it down.

The indifference that I’m talking about is when you see the wrong being done to another person or people, but you genuinely do not care because it doesn’t affect your section…

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When a person becomes a parent, something significant happens. You are responsible for another living being, who did not ask to be here.

With that being the case, it becomes your job to make sure that that child thrives. Understand that thriving means more than feeding, cleaning and keeping a roof over the child’s head. Humans need much more to develop into functioning, capable being. The need physical warmth, emotional warmth, understanding, cognitive stimulation and a constant bombardment of moral lessons.

Just to touch on that last one; when I say moral lessons, I don’t mean drag that child to…

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I just encountered an article on Medium that addresses the issue of being curated on Medium. I must admit for almost the entirety of the article, I was annoyed as hell. But I did learn something. I learned that articles about Medium don’t get curated on Medium. Other than that, it grated on my nerves. Because the advice given says, “If you want to be curated by Medium, write your articles exactly like everyone else… but slightly different.”

Follow the guidelines or rules, which seem to be interchangeable at this point, and you’ll be curated, and all will be right…

The Wicked Orchard by Sidra Owens

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