Adventures in Familyhood: Breastfeeding Isn’t for Everyone!

Photo by Jaye Haych on Unsplash

When it comes to the stories you hear about women and childbirth, I think my story is unusual. When I had my first ultrasound, I was three months pregnant and during that ultrasound, I found out that I had a fibroid.

The ultrasound tech was like, “Do you know that you have a fibroid?”

And I said, “No, but that does explain a lot.”

Yes, it did explain a lot. It explained those ten-day periods where I had to wear pads and tampons and when sometimes the only thing that brought me relief from menstrual cramps were a Vicodin and an extended period of unconsciousness. But I digress…

So, I was later informed that the fibroid was connected to my cervix, which means that there was a strong possibility that I would deliver via C-section, since the fibroid most likely would be blocking the exit. I came to terms with that quickly, because honestly it was what it was.

Fast forward into to the second trimester when our baby girl really started to move around. I have heard stories of the kicks and punches moms receive while carrying their babies. They have talked about seeing the outline of an entire foot or fist. I never had an experience like that. What I felt was her head. Our daughter would push outward with her head, as hard and as strong as she…