American Politics: Racism or Indifference. @pawel_czerwinski

It’s been well-established that the differences between republicans and democrats are non-existent. So I don’t need to go into a tirade about that. But here is the larger question; one that I have discussed with my partner and a few co-workers. What is the greater evil, racism or apathy? Or maybe indifference should be used in the place of apathy.


I hope so. Let me break it down.

The indifference that I’m talking about is when you see the wrong being done to another person or people, but you genuinely do not care because it doesn’t affect your section of the world.

For example, if you live in the United States, but there is a hunger epidemic in some far off land. Let’s say Africa. No one in your home is starving, so you do think once about it. Let alone twice.

But then the indifference goes one step deeper.

Let’s say that the land that these starving Africans live on is rich with dark, black oil. And let’s go on to say that you have stock in the company who wants to displace these starving Africans, and tap that oil. It’s not your land, it’s not your home, and it’s not your family starving, so it’s all good. Drill baby drill!

Let’s say that you make a king’s ransom in cash off of the oil from the land of these displaced Africans. So much so that when this company throws a party for all of their wealthy investors, you go and boast about how wonderful the company has been to go through any lengths to insure their investors are rewarded. Alright! Entitled people champagne for everyone!

And then roughly two years later, you decide to run for office, because with your business sense and deep love of humanity, you want to make the world a better place. Then in the midst of the campaign, one of the major social media news platforms break the story that you gained a large chunk of your fortune off of the backs of starving, displaced Africans. You immediately issue a public apology. You tell your democratic rally of eager and hopeful voters that you were unaware of the where the company was drilling and how you would never in good conscience knowingly profit due to the suffering of others. And the crowd believes you, because they are desperate to believe in anyone who promises to change their circumstances. Meanwhile, your apology never severs ties with corporation and then you buy brand new powers suits with latest cash infusion, which is tainted by loss and death.

This indifference is pliable. Flexible. A shape shifter. It can reveal a massive amount of care and give a damn when standing in front of one room of people (the poor and desperate) and then metamorphose into a whole other type of greedy apathy in front of another (the entitled, establishment elite). Whichever way the wind blows.

Now let’s talk about racism.

Racism is usually far more overt. It’s naked and unapologetic. It’s often passionate even. Woven from the groundless, baseless hate of generations past.

It causes police officers to shoot first… And that’s it. Never any questions to ask. Just… oh… They’ve got melanin. They’ve got to go.

It causes a president to go over the policies and accomplishments, of the previous black president, with a fine tooth comb, taking care to overturn them just because a black man passed them. Even if the policies was good. Even if the overturning of said policy makes no damn sense what-so-ever. Case in point any environmental protection Obama put in place. (

It causes high school referees to needlessly force a child to cut their dread locks in order to compete in an amateur wrestling bout.(

It causes random white ladies to call the police on folks who are living while black. (

It causes a jury to sentence a white women to 10 years for killing a black man in his own home, where had it been reversed, he would’ve gotten the death penalty.

The KKK is racists in all of its many facets. And they don’t hesitate to let you know it. You know what you’re getting. Passionate, unadulterated hate.

Now let’s get back to my question. Which is worse? The idiotic hate that powers racism or the soulless apathy of indifference.

At least with you know what you’re getting. You know what the behavior looks like. With indifference, minorities are not even on the radar. Neither are the poor, the disabled or any quality or deficiency that they can use to view you as lesser, and not a priority in their world. You are only as important as you are useful. Then you are discarded when that usefulness come to an in.

Let’s look at Bloomberg for example. I’m not going to bother to post his rhetoric. We know what he’s done to thousands of black and brown people when he was the mayor of New York. But now, he’s running for president. And he can spread his billions around, but not one single dollar can drive anyone to the voting booth. Baring that in mind, he apologizes for his actions (Or at least claims he has). He uses the passage of time (a mere five years) as an excuse. As if he really changed so much in that time. The answer is no. He has not changed, but now, he needs all those black and brown people. He needs them to vote for him, so he’ll be as apologetic, sympathetic and woke, as he can until… he is elected. And then all bets are off. There won’t even be a thanks, but no thanks. It’ll be… It’s business as usual to protect my fortune… Let the unwashed masses eat cake, or nothing at all. I don’t really give a shit.

Just in case this sounds familiar, Hillary operated the same way.

Maybe the answer to my question is that racism and indifference are equal in their malignancy. They go hand in hand. With the racist exercising indifference and the indifference utilizing racism.

Either way you frame it, it means suffering for the 99% of us who power this country with our money and our life blood.

Please don’t let the political rhetoric and false apologies fool you.

Don’t let them placate you, with pretty words. Make your decisions based on their history; based on their fully documented record.

We’ve been getting abused for decades. Getting our asses steadily whooped by politicians who don’t give a fuck, unless it benefits them. Don’t let these new politicians from the good ol’ days, the ones with a proven record of not giving a shit, buy you a diamond after slapping you in the face.

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