Being Creeped Out When Visiting the United States Seems like An Appropriate Response.

Photo by Akshay Nanavati on Unsplash

I just read an article here on Medium entitled, “The 5 Things That Creep Me Out About America as A European,” written by Mona Lazar. I really enjoyed it. The five things in short are:

-Americans are delusional (Seems accurate)

-America’s Authority Figures are Bullies (No lies there)

-Americans are addicted to sugar. (This checks out)

-America is hyper-religious. (Facts)

-America is riddled with crime. (Can’t dispute it)

Reading the writer’s point of view was interesting, and almost refreshing. It’s almost like reading Dorothy talk about her experience in Oz. Yes, of course, there are flying monkeys, wicked witches, hand slapping trees, and all sorts of anthropomorphic creatures that have no business talking but, it’s all so new and different.

It’s almost like the writer can’t help but to sound somewhat enamored.

Even while reading the undertone of delight, her commentary was striking to me, because certain statements inflamed a sadness in me, because I am aware of the underbelly to each item on her list.

With this being the case, I am moved to discuss a few things, and maybe outline a solution or…