CRT is STILL Not Being Taught in Schools.

Show me the evidence, if you can prove otherwise.

Nathan Dumlao

If you follow me at all, then you know that I like to post well-thought-out articles and thoughtful responses when I receive feedback.

But sometimes, that isn’t always easy, especially when dealing with someone who presents as a bad faith actor.

I recently received a comment on the article entitled, “Critical Race Theory is NOT being taught in schools.” And the commenter made some assertions that I will briefly address.

The best that they did was admit that the claims of CRT being taught in school are overblown. At least, there was that much of an admittance.

Next, they go on to say:

How many of the central tenets of CRT does an ethnic studies class have to teach before what is being taught meaningfully “is CRT”?

This indicates to me that the commenter believes that the tenets of CRT are being taught in ethnic studies class, but not being directly labelled as CRT.

Now I have to ask? In this vast country of fifty states and countless counties, how many k-12 institutions are teaching classes in ethnic studies? And if they are, how many are teaching the tenets of CRT, which can be a bit much to get your brain around, even if you’ve have the privilege of a graduate school education?

And this isn’t a rhetorical question.

I want an answer.

I want an answer, because dear commenter, you go on to say that I am “misinformed about what is actually being taught”.

If this is the case, then inform me. Show me the curriculum. What state is teaching it? Provide copies of the notes that children in a K-12 institution are being forced to take that indicates they are being tested on the tenets of Critical Race Theory, without actually labeling it as such. I would like to see the evidence. Please inform me, since I am so misinformed.

Let’s be clear. Anything taught in colleges, community colleges or universities doesn’t count, because those institutions are attended by adults; and if adults don’t like the class, they can either not sign up for it or drop it later.

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