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I just encountered an article on Medium that addresses the issue of being curated on Medium. I must admit for almost the entirety of the article, I was annoyed as hell. But I did learn something. I learned that articles about Medium don’t get curated on Medium. Other than that, it grated on my nerves. Because the advice given says, “If you want to be curated by Medium, write your articles exactly like everyone else… but slightly different.”

Follow the guidelines or rules, which seem to be interchangeable at this point, and you’ll be curated, and all will be right with the world.

If your stuff doesn’t get curated, then revamp, tweak it, change your picture, fall in line and even plead to the curation gods and then… your shit still might not get chosen.

I am going to put my unwavering opinion out there, and of course, you’re free to disagree, because you all are your own people, and thus, I expect disagreement; but if you’re writing just to get curated then you’re wasting your goddamn time.

I know money keeps the lights on and the belly fed, but writing isn’t just a means to go out and get latest iPhone.

Writing is an art form.

I think that small fact is steadily being lost in the shuffle of for-profit writing.

If you can right a how-to, a listicle or do this to be a serious writer and get your thousands of views, claps and fans, and can afford to quit your job, and do your blogging from the local coffee shop, then more power to you… But it ain’t art. It ain’t informative. It doesn’t move people and it ain’t remembered.

When I put something up on Medium, I do it for a variety of reasons. I want to inform, educate, share or simply to express myself. Above all else, it is a genuine reason, inspired by the happenings in the world around me, and not just a need for a new pair of shoes.

I have been curated before.

And it was very nice.

But constructing my posts to gain curator favor is not in the cards.

I write what I feel and either they like it, or they don’t.

Agonizing over it or even going so far as to whine about it is a fucking waste of time, and truly expressive of the lack of depth to many of the so-called writers on this platform.

Life is far too short to tread shallowly, dive deep, and you may actually inspire someone, rather than getting an arbitrary head nod from the invisibles holding the strings.

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