Either You’re A Racist or You’re Stupid.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.

I wrote a post two days ago entitled, “Surviving off of $272 per Month,” and I have received several responses, for which I am appreciative. I will reply to all of them in time, but unfortunately, as the old saying goes… the squeaky wheel gets the grease. There is a squeaky wheel that pipes up every so often in the responses of my posts. He’s one of those types that seemed reasonable at first, but with more responses to various other posts, the truth of his character seeped through.

At the end of my post, I gave a caveat, which said…

Let me take a moment to add… If you read this, and the first thing you think is, “See… That’s what’s wrong with Murica… No good lazy urban people living off my hard work….”

This caveat was completely ignored, and this is the exact place that this squeaky wheel is coming from. So let us begin.

First, he says…

You DID choose. You had three children. This was no accident. Nobody else chose to have your kids — YOU did.

Your sense of entitlement is mind-blowing. I have two kids and I get ZERO help or benifits. Instead I get a massive tax bill (that pays for YOUR kids) and an Obacare fine.

Free money. Free food. Free education. Free housing. Free health care.

The avalanch of free stuff you. get sounds AMAZING. You are completely enabled to behave incredibly irresponsibly, popping out babies you can’t pay for.

Per usual, let’s tackle this one point at a time. First of all, this is a scenario and not real, and in this scenario the mother only has two children. Next, you make a point of saying that she had the children. So by choosing to have the children, then she made the choice for them to live in poverty. Then, you later mention that you have two kids. Were your two kids planned? Did you sit down prior to the conception of each and plan exactly when and under what financial circumstances that sperm cell would meet egg cell? I highly doubt it. And based on your rhetoric, after conceiving these children, no matter the circumstances, then you certainly would not be in favor of terminating them. No, of course not. But by yelling about this female choosing to have these kids, then you are by default acknowledging that these children could have been terminated instead. It seems like that would make you happier since it would not be costing you your precious tax dollars. So that means you would champion her right to have an abortion, wouldn’t it? Yet I wonder, would you be one of the many ready to imprison her for doing so.

Next point. He calls the woman in this scenario entitled. The woman in this piece never said that she had a right for everyone to take care of her and her children for all eternity, just because she is her. She merely says that sometimes people need help, and they should not be looked down upon for asking for it. But you have bought into the ultra right talking points. You see her as a drain on you personally. Like she aspires to do nothing, despite the fact that she is in school to better herself. Isn’t that what the ultra right is always touting? If you had an education, you could do better for yourself. Education takes time, and children must be fed and people must survive in the mean time. But you don’t care about that. You care about where your tax check goes every year. So let’s get into that.

There is a report circa March 2015 entitled, “Uncle Sam’s Favorite Corporations.” In this report, it relays the top corporations that receive government subsidies, among other bail outs. Let’s take Boeing, for example. Boeing is an American company and they are one of the largest global aircraft manufacturers. They make airplanes, helicopters, satellites and missiles. In 2015, they made 96.11 billion dollars in revenue and a net income of 5.1 billion dollars. In 2015, Boeing received $457, 159, 536 in federal grants and tax credits. Boeing also received $64, 423, 516, 582 in federal loans and bailout assistance, and $13, 410, 448, 992 in state/local subsidies. Let me break this down for you, if this is unclear. They netted over 5 billion dollars for the year, but they also received close to $80 billion in TAX PAYER MONEY.

Now let’s look at the TANF program, which stands for Temporary Assistance for Needy Families. In 2016, 2.7 million people received TANF aid. So lets multiply 2.7 million by $272 per month, that comes out to be $734, 400, 000. So let me break this down for you. While it costs the American tax payers less than $1 billion dollars to pay 2.7 million people $272 a month, our representatives give away $80 billion dollars to a company who does business internationally and netted roughly $5.1 billion dollars.

So, where is your money going AJ Butler? Yes, I have decided to mention you by name.

At this point you are left with two options, because Boeing isn’t the only company that receives billions upon billions of tax payer dollars every year. You need to decide; are you as angry about these corporations getting your tax money, as you are poor minorities receiving it? Because the money that the poor receives is a mere drop in the bucket in comparison; and your response truly reveals the content of your character.

Since Boeing nets 5 billion dollars, Ford Motor Company nets 7.4 billion dollars and JP Morgan Chase nets 24.44 billion dollars (who received over $1 trillion dollars in government aid in 2015 by the way) , they don’t fucking need my money, nor do they need yours. But if the government wants to take some of my tax money and raise teacher salaries, fix our roads and infrastructure, nationalize healthcare or allow a poor mother and her two children to eat, then I am all for that.

So, how goes it AJ Butler? Do you hate your tax money being wasted period, or you just hate it being waste on poor minorities?

I’m not going to take this any further, because I think I have made point enough. Either you are racist or stupid, and I don’t have the time to discern which. I care enough for humanity to want better for all of us, not just me. And because of that, it makes me better than you.

Shout at the wind to this post all you like. I am no longer listening.

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