Female Facts #5: Tips for Healthy Genitals.

The Wicked Orchard by Sidra Owens
4 min readMay 27, 2019
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When it comes to the vulva and the vagina, less is always more. The fewer things that you do to it, the healthier it will be. Now, I’m not talking about sex; I’m talking about hygiene.


There are all types of products on the market to treat that not-so-fresh feeling. Damn television for spreading that bullshit. The truth is, all of the soaps, sprays, powders, potions, fragrances and douches are not healthy for the vulva and the vagina.

The skin of vulva is delicate, and it doesn’t respond well to harsh soaps and fragrances.

The vagina is meant to have a pH between 3.8 and 4.5. Using these so-called feminine hygiene products near or inside the vagina, can drastically upset the natural acidic environment and lead to infections. The most common non-sexually transmitted infections that affect the vagina and vulva are candida (Yeast Infection) or Bacterial vaginosis. Both are common, easily diagnosed by a physician and are highly preventable. Not to mention that these “hygienic” chemicals can also irritate the opening to the urethra and lead to Urinary tract Infections, especially in little girls. We have to think of their vulvar health, too. There is no need for fragrances, perfumed soaps or bubble baths for bathing your girl children. Water and mild soap does the trick for them as well, and it avoids them suffering itching and pain, while not knowing what’s truly going on.

Wash your genitals with mild soap. No harsh fragrances. Douching is highly unnecessary. A normally functioning vagina flushes itself. If you are experiencing strong vaginal odors that aren’t remedied by bathing, it may be time to visit your primary care physician to check for a potential problem.


So, women are yummy, and we know it. We are curvy and soft, and we often wear clothing to accentuate those curves. And there’s nothing wrong with that. You should always where clothes that make you feel good, but in doing so, we need to be mindful. The multitude of curve-accentuating clothing that ladies love to wear is often tight fitting. Very tight. Too tight. So tight, in fact, that the vulva and vagina can’t breathe. That’s right. They need air-circulation as well, to maintain an ideal healthy pH. Spending to many…