Mass Internment: A Stepping Stone To Mass Elimination.

I want to write about something else. I have sat before the screen trying to steer my mind elsewhere, but to no avail. So, once again, I will say my piece about the state of things.

There are countries where people find themselves in desperate situations. Penniless. Starving. Fleeing genocide. In order to stay alive, these desperate people in desperate situations make a desperate decision. They decide to come to the United States. They have no money, usually cannot speak the language and they have no future prospects. All they are armed with is that dream. The dream that this country and its representatives have been pedaling on us, the citizens, and the rest of the world for decades. The American Dream. Come to the US and you can do anything, be anything.


Maybe, at one time, for a select few, this was true. But for most, and it doesn’t matter if you were born here, legally migrated here, or secreted yourself across the border, for most, that just isn’t true.

Regardless of that falsehood, people continue to come here, because there is no end to poverty and atrocities across the globe.

Even here, atrocities have continued for the whole of the existence of the United States, but over time, they lessened. They eased. They faded into obscurity. Creating a sense, a false sense, of security, of wellness, of happiness. That happiness that citizens were promised almost 250 years ago.

But now, the atrocities are on the rise. They began with those citizens, who live here, work here, support the government with their hard earned money, sweat and life blood. Spending entire life time putting into a system that repeatedly over looks them. But unlike those overseas, we don’t have the courage to simply pick up and take a chance elsewhere. Having the means to do so is a false argument, since immigrants come here with nothing.

And now… even as I type this, they are still coming. Still hoping. And we know what they are headed into. I wish that I could stop them. I wish that I could tell them to turn back, because in this instance, it’s true that the devil you know might be better than the devil you don’t. The grass here is not greener. It is not green. It’s a faded brown, drying under the penetrating heat over a climate changed world. Stained with the blood of those who have the audacity to be born poor, or born brown.

This country elected a despot. At this point, the hows don’t even really matter anymore. But his origins alert us to our future. He was a child during WWII, born into wealth and privilege. He has never had to be in the position to witness the evils that men do to one another. He was sheltered, immune, and in turn, inhuman. His life has been dotted in one inhuman act after another. But those who voted for him, chose to ignore that, because their lives are dotted with the same inhumanity.

He didn’t look back at the concentration camps in Germany and feel ill, knowing what lie ahead.

He didn’t look back at the Japanese Internment camps, in this country, and feel ashamed.

He didn’t look back at the lynchings rooted in the south, like the very trees that harbored them, with disgust, sadness or fear; fear of what humanity is capable of.


He looks back at these time with fond memories of his boyhood, when his life was great, and everything and everyone was at his feet. He looked back with nostalgia, when anything and anyone who was different, who was not him, could be sequestered away, behind a wall, or a fence. He looked back at these times, and aspired to make America great again.

I try not to lay all that is wrong with this country at his feet, because it began long before he even existed. But his tyranny is taking this country to even darker places, and his like-minded followers, are in lock step support of his despotism.

He envies the other dictators of the world. Putin. Kim Jong Un. He aspires to be like them.

He interns people, whose only true crime, is trying to live. He interns them in concentration camps, strips them of their dignity and their families.

Of course, he can rationalize this as the right thing to do for the country. He can rationalize this as the fault of the democrats. Of course, he can. It’s not his life, and they’re not his children. His privileged spawn are doing just fine. They’re just the children of animals. It doesn’t matter to him. They’re just some more brown people, with the audacity to want to live freely. Something that is the right of all sentient beings.

Right now the world is watching. So, those holding these immigrants for… prosecution… will be on their best behavior.

That leads to the first questions. How can you prosecute non-citizens? They will hold them indefinitely, after processing… Whatever that is.

And second, what happens when the cameras go away? When the US representatives lose interest and move on to the next Trump distraction debacle. While they run around sucking on the teat of tyranny prying eyes will no longer bare witness to the plight of these immigrants. What will happen to them when no one is looking?

I don’t know how to end this.

I don’t know how to end this, because no one knows how all this will end.

How does tyranny end? It never ends well. Societies never heed the warnings they are given, before a despot takes hold. There have been so many warnings. Trump even warned everyone himself, with his rhetoric and his past.

Has tyranny ever been defeated before the bodies start to drop in mass?

So many in Washington and in the media care calling for the impeachment, removal, resignation of the current president, but they don’t really want it. If they did, it’d done by now.

Bill Clinton was impeached for lying about pussy.

Trump has lied everyday since he stepped into office. Blatant, documented lies and nothing happens to him. He’s being investigated. The investigation doesn’t mean shit. Nothing happens to him, because they don’t want anything to happen to him. The democrats don’t want anything to happen to him. The republicans definitely don’t. And the ones that suffer are the powerless, as always. Waiting for the shoe to drop. Waiting for him to move on from illegal immigrants to defenseless citizens. It’s been happening at the hands to the militarized police. We are truly only a stone’s throw away from presidentially mandated genocide.


Because it’s not his class, it’s not his ilk, it’s not his kind. Why should he or any of them give a shit?

The answer is, they don’t.


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