“I Can’t Breathe” Another Modern Day Lynching.

I just watched the video of a police officer murdering a subdued, handcuffed, unarmed black man. Again.

When Fox News and the xenophobic new sources get a hold of this; they will look into the dead man’s background. Go over what he has been arrested for or convicted of in the past. They bring up what brought the police to the scene in the first place and use all this information as a reasoning for why this man deserved to die.

I am going to post a link to the TYT report on this and want you to watch it, because it’s different from other killings. This wasn’t a shooting. This isn’t an eye-witness account from the cop’s point of view. This was recorded live, as the man is methodically murdered in front of citizens while no other “law enforcement” did anything to stop it.

The man is moving and telling the cop he can’t breathe, and then you slowly watch the life ebb out of his body.

But even move poignant than that watch the cop. As the seconds tick by, he drives that knee down on his neck, harder and harder.

Watch it.

Watch the cop’s movements.

The man is handcuffed on the ground. Not able to hurt anyone.

The cop keeps driving that knee in. The bystanders say that the cop can look at them, because he’s a bum. But that’s not it.

He had to watch and make sure that him driving his knee into the man’s neck and slowly cutting off oxygen and blood supply, was having the desired effect. Death.

Now, you police apologists may ask, how do you know that?

I know that because every grown individual, and especially a cop knows that humans cannot live, if their oxygen and blood supply are cut off.

He knew what he was doing and he watched the man die; driving the knee in deeper.

He also demonstrates to the bystanders that I can take one of you, and kill you like an animal in the streets, and there’s nothing you can do about. And more to the point, I can slowly and methodically murder on you, and my colleagues, by buddies in blue will stand guard and protect me. Then we can check to make sure you’re dead and drag you like a sack of garbage to be discarded.

Some of you might think that Negro hunting season is back on; we minorities are here to tell you that it never ended.

And if you think my title goes too far, watch this video and tell me how it’s any different from the lynching in the south back during Jim Crow. The only thing that’s missing is a field full of spectators gathering like it’s a family reunion, and instead of a rope, there’s a knee and instead of a tree, there’s a cop.

The cop was fired.

But I’m sure he slept well in his warm bed, and his eggs tasted just as pristine the next morning. And I’m sure he thanked his God that he could wake up another day to do his work.

The cop was fired and three other cops were fired. FIRED. Let that sink in.

Whereas, the man on the ground. The black man with the knee in his neck. The dead black man. George Floyd, is dead; publicly executed at the hands of the police.

There are some solutions, but the solutions I foresee are not pretty. They are as disgusting, and vile and villainous as George Floyd’s last few moments of life.

That’s it.

That’s all I’ve got right now.

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