Back in 2002, a song came out called “Why Don’t We Fall in Love” by recording artist, Amerie. If youre a fan of late 90s R&B, then you’ll absolutely love this song. It’s too short, but her vocals are flawless, and the song reminds me of the feeling you have when you are in the midst of falling love, when you’re you young. When you’re filled with butterflies and talking on the phone into the wee hours of the night. She conveys the emotions so well. For me, it feels so raw. It’s a feel good song. I know I listened to that song enough to drive my boyfriend crazy.

Unfortunately, I really didn’t hear anything else by her, even though she released several albums through the 2000s.

Fast forward to now, and she recently released an album, where she says she had complete creative control. Hell, I was eager to hear it. I love it when musicians can take control and express their music their own way. So… I listened. And I listened. And… I was disappointed.

Here’s why.

Ever so often, an artist will come out and they truly have their own style. It’s unique. The voice, whether singing or rapping, the musical arrangement. And it’s the uniqueness that leaves the mark on your memory or rings true to your spirit.

Aaliyah had that.

DMX had that.

Those are two examples of artist who blew up when they dropped and other musicians and producers sped to imitate them.

And that’s what I hear, when I listen to this new album by Amerie. It sounds so much like everything else that’s out right now. It doesn’t make you want to sing a long, it doesn’t make you want to dance. She doesn’t even seem to convey any kind of emotion when she sings.

For me, she’s doing a disservice to her gift.

On the other hand, artists and musicians are always trying to re-invent themselves and their sound. They want to evolve, and I understand that. It’s part of the reason why I am not a genre writer. I write the story that needs to be told, I don’t pigeonhole myself to a particular genre because it might sell.

I suppose all that matters is that she is making the music she wants to make and expressing what she wants to express. I’m not required to love it, as long she does.

I just miss the days when almost every video you saw or nearly every song you heard on the radio; you immediately fell in love with. You couldn’t help but move your shoulders or nod your head.

You felt it, ya know. You just felt it.

Look her up, and judge for yourself.

Ya never know, you might find your next musical love.

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